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Apple Slice Beer 7.8% alc/vol.

Beer brewed with apple juice instead of water!  This golden ale was brewed with munich malt, rolled oats and wheat malt, a bucket of hops and a few pinches of cinnamon.

Jeff was excited to try something completely out of his wheelhouse with the gallons and gallons of apple juice he was gifted.  What better plan than use it instead of water!  The brew for this beer was a little tough, as the mash got itself stuck a few different times.  All the pectin from those apples made it a little challenging!  But as always, Jeff prevailed and pushed through while brewing this beer.  Stephanie was overjoyed at the thought of an apple beer… this brought back to life an old ‘label’ she remembered as a kid… Apple Slice soda that she used to drink by the cans in the 80’s, has turned into Apple Slice beer that she drinks by the can now.  


Drop in the taphouse and grab this delicious new fruit style beer, available in pints as well as a 6-pack to grab for home.

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